00:32 04.09.2021

    “TurAz Falcon-2021” joint flight-tactical exercises: Azerbaijani military pilots conducted flights to study terrain

    23:31 03.09.2021

    Nuran Abdullayev: Educational institutions should define different strategies against infection

    22:29 03.09.2021

    Mehriban Aliyeva congratulates Raman Salei, who wins 12th gold medal for national team

    21:28 03.09.2021

    Global coronavirus cases hit 20 million in August

    20:27 03.09.2021

    Ilham Aliyev congratulates Azerbaijani athlete, who wins another gold medal at Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games

    19:26 03.09.2021

    CIS Games: Azerbaijani wrestler grabs silver medal

    18:24 03.09.2021

    UAE and Qatar planes land at Kabul airport

    17:23 03.09.2021

    CIS Games: Azerbaijani wrestler wins gold medal

    16:21 03.09.2021

    First domestic flights in Afghanistan postponed after resumption

    15:20 03.09.2021

    Azerbaijani film to be demonstrated at festival in Kyrgyzstan

    Armenian terror

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