00:36 21.06.2021

    Foods that cannot be combined with bananas revealed

    23:36 20.06.2021

    FM: Romania is interested in expanding relations with Azerbaijan

    22:35 20.06.2021

    EU’s Josep Borrell warns of sanctions over ongoing crisis in Lebanon

    21:31 20.06.2021

    US Defense Secretary holds phone talk with Turkish counterpart

    20:30 20.06.2021

    Ministry: Specialists conducting detailed analysis of minefield maps given by Armenia

    19:27 20.06.2021

    Active COVID cases drop below 1,000 in Azerbaijan

    18:26 20.06.2021

    FIFA president to watch Switzerland-Turkey match in Baku

    17:25 20.06.2021

    Over 2.9 million COVID vaccine jabs administered in Azerbaijan

    16:24 20.06.2021

    Armenia begins voting in snap parliamentary election

    15:22 20.06.2021

    Azerbaijani servicemen leave for Commando Courses in Turkey

    Armenian terror

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